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Some of our previous satisfied clients

Dear Brian,
 You are a MIRACLE WORKER!!! So very difficult a task AND situation, yet you did a fabulous job! On the day we met, my dad and brother and his wife and I had already interviewed two other potential managers of the estate sale. This was going to be interesting –yes, my parents had some beautiful original art and antiques, but in their 46 years in that 5-bedroom home, they had thrown out very little, leaving just “paths” everywhere.

My parents are gracious in their new assisted living, but not up to the job of cleaning out that home!

The first man we interviewed said it was too big a sale for him; the second was delighted at the “finds” as he toured, and asked “how soon can you have it cleaned out so I can set up the sale?”

Then the miracle started . . .

You recognized so much of the art, crystal, china, antiques, etc. right on that first walkthrough. You say how much work was ahead too – and you said that you would include that clean-out with your bid! We carefully checked references and found your good rating at the Better Business Bureau, and you were hired.

It was an amazing four weeks of preparation. You were up to the hard work, putting 100 hour or more weeks. You found so much that had been tucked away and forgotten, including a large quantity of cash. Your integrity shone bright in how you handled that, keeping a careful account of every penny. You were careful with family mementos –photos and such –segregating those, but also determined in following our instructions: sell whatever can be sold, since the house needs to be emptied for sale also.

Every object needed cleaning for marketability, so I know you spent many hours with “dishpan hands.” And pricing was a thorough job, done with your great knowledge as well as reference books, and even outside expert opinions. The set-up of tables, lights, and display cases you had were amazing. And the details you managed!

From parking to safety to merchandise control, all was done expertly!

Of course there were a few glitches. It was hard for my folks to see their things sold (even though they had no use for them, and did for the money.) But you were careful and sensitive with the roller-coaster of emotions – obviously you’ve become skilled with families in this situation. And you tolerated our family’s intrusions, even encouraging visits to the home, when our jaws dropped at the transformation.

The sale went smoothly, with your staff assisting ably. And with the “buzz” you generated, a great ad and word of mouth, too, a huge lot of people came, eager to buy (some from far away). IT WAS A GREAT SALE.

And that wasn’t the end! It took four thirty-yard dumpsters (plus many pick-up loads) to clean it all out, but now the final miracle: the house is basically ready for the market.

Brian, my parents, my brother, and I want to say “thank so very much” for such a fantastic job. I can truly recommend you to anyone. YOU HAVE WORKED A MIRACLE!

With heartfelt gratitude,
 S. Lagaard

 Dear Brian,
 Thank you for helping us liquidate the holdings of our deceased parents. You handled the sale very professionally and your knowledge of what things were of value and current prices was impressive. But it was your Character that I will always remember. For me, it was a very emotional time as we were selling things which our mother had spent a lifetime collecting and cherishing. You handled her things with such respect and displayed them beautifully as if each and every thing was a valuable as she thought they were. You respected our wishes at all times and communicated well with all of us. You got a job done that we had waited twenty years to do and made it as painless as it could be.

Thank you for being you. Your character and work ethic is admirable. We were so lucky to have found you to handle this project.

M. Weisberg

P.S. If any future clients read this letter, I encourage you to allow Brian to do what is best and let him deal a bit on the first day of the sale when the traffic is at its heaviest. He has been “around the block” a few times and his instincts and knowledge are to be trusted.


Where do I even start?!? I do know the day I called you and was probably reaching my wit’s end and hearing you say, “I can take care of this for you,” was the nicest thing anyone had said to me since Colleen died. I know I shouldn’t have taken on as much and she probably sent you before I went completely over the edge. Maybe that’s why she keeps showing up for you; she’s thanking you for helping me. She was like that . . . Anyway, I am so grateful for all the work you put into the sale. I know it wasn’t a big money sale, but you worked it like it was. I’m not sure anyone else would have. Although you didn’t need to, it was thoughtful of you to call about questions, etc. And you set everything up so nicely and the house looked good for people. And I really appreciate that you worked even though you were sick; that impressed me a lot!! I didn’t expect you to clean up as well as you did, that, also, was extremely thoughtful. As you know, I only heard one complaint . . . Almost most of all thanks for the pictures. Somehow they made me feel better and I’ll treasure them. As I told you (and you’re well aware!) I can talk and I’ve been singing your praises to everyone – even if they don’t ask!!! As you start your new venture, please don’t change who you are – you are your biggest asset.

 C. Haas

To Whom it May Concern,
 Brian Mays ran our family’s estate sale this month and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He was very well organized, had competent people working for him. The sale seemed very organized for the amount of merchandise we had to offer. We saw how much work was involved to prepare for the sale. We were very impressed with how knowledgeable he was when it came to pricing our family’s treasures. His pricing was more than fair. People that know Brian will follow his sales and he will call certain collectors to make them aware of items they may collect. With all the work entailed in doing an estate sale we felt Brian’s fee was more than fair.

 The Prest Family

Dear Brian,
 You said you would “empty out the house” and you did. You accomplished a pretty amazing feat. Even thought the house was packed, with only paths in some rooms, you came in and worked tirelessly, creating appealing displays, pricing, appraising and arranging all of the items.

The way in which you went about this huge task was something to be commended. You conducted the whole effort with consideration, respect, professionalism and you are a man of your word. Your trustworthiness was a relief to the entire family and we greatly appreciate the kindness, respect and consideration you showed the family. We also appreciate that you kept us informed along the way and the patience you demonstrated when you were “put on the spot.”

The Brian Mays staff also deserved recognition. The people that work for you are not only efficient and professional, but they were a pleasure to do business with. Both you and your staff went that extra mile to sell the items and clear out the house.

You put the check in the mail in the time frame promised and that was great appreciated so that the estate matters could be wrapped up in a timely manner.

Thank you very much,
 C. Korlin and B. Markie

 We want to thank you for the first class sale that you put together for us.
 My mother had to leave her home after 60 years. Your professionalism made the sale of her many possessions less traumatic and a godsend for all of us.

I would like to share these points with anyone interested in your services.

1. The charges for the sale were fair.

2. The advertising was effective.

3. You helped us get rid of the sale remnants with your ending bag sale.

4. You kept our house clear with “Shoes Off” during messy wet weather.

5. You cleaned up after the sale making it much easier for us to remove what was left.

6. We were pleased with your overall pricing and second day discounting.

7. It was easy to communicate with you and resolve any questions.

8. You were prompt with your accounting of the sale and we had our check within 10 days.

Once again, we want to thank you and your staff for a wonderful sale. I’m glad that we selected your name from the phone book. I highly recommend Brian Mays for any estate or moving sale.

 K. & S. Booth

Dear Brian,
 Past time and I’m reliving this past summer’s trauma as I went through the process of closing out the life of my dear friend and mentor . . .

As her executor, my responsibilities were many and “pressing” and you stepped in with your able crew to “lift the load” as you prepared to have a sale of her possessions all of which had a great deal of meaning to me.

I was too “spent” to attend the sale but the day after when I came to her apartment to begin the final steps in “turning over the keys” . . . “I was overwhelmed” with how carefully you had brought things to a close . . . making my job so much easier, even packing charity boxes and putting aside for me a couple of meaningful treasures I had missed.

I was a bit overwhelmed and very thankful that you had handled everything so well . . . an “above and beyond” performance for sure.

Sincerely and gratefully,
 B. Dalluge

Hi Brian,
 We are very please customers. You handled our family members very nicely, kept in great contact all through the preparations and the sale.

Your crew is fantastic.

The clean up was way past our expectations. No words are quite enough for our appreciation.
 My family would highly recommend you.

Thank you again.
 R. Arnold

   Our parents finally decided that they would move into an assisted living situation. With that, the decision was made to sell the contents of their home. My father was an avid collector of over 50 years. There were items in the attic, the main floor of the house, the basement, and the garage was full up into the rafters. I live in Portland, OR, and it was my task to make arrangements for the sale. I did extensive Internet searches for either dealers to buy the entire accumulation, auction houses, or people who could conduct the estate sale for us. I even called other dealers, but wasn't satisfied with their approach for the sale. Brian Mays kept coming back to mind. Finally, I contacted Brian by phone. I immediately knew that he was the person we was looking for. I made arrangements to return to Minnesota, and Brian and his crew came to the house. When I met them, it convinced me that they were the right people to deal with. This was going to be a daunting task based on the sheer volume of items. There was many thousands of items to go through. We agreed to have Brian conduct the sale, and he immediately began to organize it. Him and his crew worked many hours properly displaying the items. After three plus weeks of organization and pricing, he was ready to conduct the sale. He placed an extensive newspaper ad. He arranged tents for the back yard, and a dumpster for refuse disposal. I toured the house the day before the sale, and couldn't believe how they put it together. When the sale was completed, his crew did the cleanup. Everything was beyond our expectations.
My younger brother lives nearby. On the day of the sale, he drove by the house at 6:30 AM. He was amazed that there was already a long line of people waiting to get into the sale which was to begin at 9:00 AM. Due to the great advertising for the sale, there was continuous customer flow for the three days of the sale. We was more than happy with the final accounting of the sale that Brian provided promptly after the sale. Brian has extensive knowledge of antiques and collectibles, as did his crew. They were very courteous at all times, and considerate, and sensitive of the family's emotions. We would recommend Brian Mays to anyone needing his services. It was a lucky day when I found him from almost 2,000 miles away. Thank you Brian!
T. Aguirre

I would like to make a strong recommendation for hiring Brian Mays for your estate/moving sale. Brian and his team are professional, courteous and very hard working. Once the sale is complete he and his crew make sure the house is cleaned and all debris is removed. They are very helpful and knowledgeable in selling merchandise. This is only my first experience in having an estate sale but I was extremely impressed with the quality of their work.

Cindy P.



I highly recommend Brian to represent your family’s estate. I know how difficult it is to let go of ones prized possessions. For us, it was our mom and we needed to do this without her knowing, which made it even more difficult. Comparing all of the Estate sites Brian’s was the one that stood out to me. Brian has experience and expertise along with passion for what he does. His staff is outstanding; they are passionate for what they do too. When it comes to the sale, Brian knows how to advertise, how to price items to sell with it still being a fair price and knows how display everything. He will definitely get the job done and you can feel comfortable with him doing it.
Thanks again Brian!
Sincerely, K. Olsen
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    Dear Brian,

    Thank you again and again for the wonderful job you did with my parent’s estate sale. I still can’t believe all of the treasures you found in the house and garage, many of which I had never seen before. It was the right move to have you (and Kurt) start setting up for the sale in January. You both did a wonderful job cleaning items for the sale, staging the rooms, putting valuable items in cases. And your sales staff was great, even passing along comments that customers shared about my folks.

    My personal goal for the sale was to find a home for all of my parent’s things, and you did that. Over 90% was sold, unbelievable. You clearly knew the value of things, and knew how to bring in buyers (520 pictures posted!). And you respected the estate, and my family, without question.

    You have my highest recommendation. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you.


    Mary Kullberg Froberg

Are you looking for someone to run an estate sale for you or a loved one? Let me tell you why Brian Mays should be highly considered for the job.

Brian is genuine, he is fair and ethical. He listens, both with his ears and with his heart. He understands the roller coaster of emotions that happen when it's time to sell a life time of treasures. He knows his "stuff" and if need be doesn't hesitate to bring in other experts so your things are marked with a fair and sellable price.

He and his staff do an excellant job of staging the items for sale and working with the buyers. They do what they say they will do. And when it's all over and you reflect back on the process, you'll be glad you chose Brian Mays to manage your estate sale.

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